Tamara Fenech
Sustainable Business Consultant

This MBSR course is a great way to bring the ancient roots of meditation into our modern life. It amalgamates the two into a very practical and experiential way, deepening our connection to our bodies which essentially is the superpower we have to self regulate. I cannot recommend it enough
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Lucy Brown
Voiceover Artist

The course surpassed my expectations. The structure offers a perfect balance between theory learning and meditative practice, and also space for contemplation and reflection. The half day retreat offered as part of the course is an added and very welcome bonus. Claire is a wonderful instructor. Thank you.
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Michael Abtar
CEO, IG Smart Ltd.

The team and I found Claire’s mindfulness sessions to be most helpful. We work in complex and fast moving compliance and cyber security industries which can be very stressful. We also work 100% remotely since COVID and so are not as interactive as a team as we used to be. We commissioned Claire to conduct the mindfulness sessions with a view of both helping the team to better manage stress and enabling us to maintain an optimum team spirit in these challenging times. The mindfulness sessions, not only equipped us with key skills and techniques that we have readily and beneficially adopted, the group sessions act as team building exercises and empower us to be more mindful and therefore more effective and less stressed. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Claire and her mindfulness sessions to anyone in my network. I guarantee they will add value that will likely extend well beyond your professional life…
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Masterclass participant, 2020

The course was excellent, I found Claire’s facilitation was authentically mindful and the group holding was skilful and respectful – a key learning in and of itself.
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Joanne (Josie) Williams
Mindfulness teacher, UK

I feel privileged to have been on a course with Claire, as she is such a skilled and compassionate teacher who has ignited my passion to keep teaching in this new way.
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Jacqui Edmiston
MBSR teacher, Switzerland

This course provides useful exploration of how to best use the Zoom platform to enable the MBSR experiential teaching practices while being conscious of the MBI:TAC provisions.

There was plenty of time to experiment, discuss, reflect and ask questions and I found it a useful complement to the teacher training courses.
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Allison Bowden
MBCT teacher, UK

The course was well-structured and comprehensive and gave a very good foundation for online teaching of mindfulness-based courses. The course was delivered with empathy and professionalism and felt very supportive.

It was good to feel part of the emerging online teaching community and part of this group going forward. I would really recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching mindfulness-based approaches online and who has little or no online teaching experience.
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Gwenan Roberts
MBSR teacher, UK

I would recommend this course as it gives support and confidence to deliver online training. The opportunity to be in small practice groups enabled the space to try things out in a safe environment
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Judit Hardaut
MBSR teacher, Romania

It was a great experience reflecting on how MBSR training might be delivered online. Claire really mastered the online teaching, with her patience, calm, letting the learning emerge, besides very clear practicalities I hadn’t thought about before. Also, sharing and learning from each other in our lovely group was very useful.

This masterclass helped me in creating for myself the space of curiosity, openness and kindness in launching the first MBSR online!
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Claire Pallett
HR Director, 15below

We invited Claire to provide a four-week mindfulness course in-house, as part of our Wellbeing Programme. From our initial meeting onwards, it was clear that Claire is highly credible and perfectly suited to this sort of activity.

She successfully combines business experience, commercial acumen and mindfulness coaching in a way that ensured maximum buy-in from all attendees. As a result, many benefits have been felt and the course received excellent feedback. We will continue to work with Claire, as she made a tangible contribution to our commitment to employee wellbeing.
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Ruth Shortall
1:1 Online MBSR course participant

Before doing the course, I had been practising meditation for quite some time but not in this way. I am really glad that I decided to do the course because it helped me realise with more clarity which coping strategies have been causing me the most suffering so that I can now start to let them go and take better care of myself.

This won’t happen overnight, of course, but I know now that having a daily practice is not something I want to live without. I think this course has been a very good investment in myself.
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Lesley Kidd
MBSR online course participant

I am very happy and confident to recommend the 8-week MBSR online course with Claire. I have learned a lot and experienced a lot too.

The sessions are well structured, safe, help you to grow and provide a real opportunity, being online, to access them. Personally, I could not be happier with my experience. It was just what I needed and I am so confident in the teaching here that I will choose to continue to study with Solterreno / Claire in the future
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Fanika Nikic
MBSR online course participant

Highly recommended course. I will share it with all my friends as a MUST experience, especially nowadays in our auto-pilot lifestyle.

I am practising EVERY DAY – even if it’s 5 minutes, and I noticed a difference after the first week. Meditation changes your brain in so many ways, you’ll never go back to the way you were. I’m currently looking for the “next step” in this journey.
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Louise Gibbons
Director, Location Marketing.

I would definitely recommend this course as an insight into mindfulness and its benefits.

Claire is very engaging and will make you feel at ease, even if this is a totally new area for you.
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MBSR online course participant

I can highly recommend this course to anyone looking to bring mindfulness more prominently into their lives and wanting to develop a better understanding of their own personal stress responses and ways to become more resilient.

I believe this is a great first step and will allow you to learn a great deal about yourself in a setting that is truly warm and open, despite the online approach. A great chance to talk to like-minded people willing to share their experiences with you and learn from a teacher who practices what she preaches.
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MBSR online course participant

If you do one thing for yourself, take this MBSR course. This course has the ability to change your life.

I have learned more about myself than I could ever imagine and, as a result, am finally able to make good choices for myself. My only regret is that I did not take this course sooner.
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