Mindful Working Courses

Do you find it difficult to “switch off” after work and truly relax? Are your energy levels dropping as the day goes on?  Do you still feel connected to your colleagues or less connected now that some of you are working at home?

Have you thought about learning mindfulness to help you work in a balanced, productive and enjoyable way?

I’ve been working remotely for 11 years (including a year working from a mountain village in southern Spain) and teaching Mindfulness for 7 of those years, so I know from personal experience how practicing Mindfulness can help alleviate stress and restore balance during busy and challenging times .  I worked in recruitment and executive search for over 20 years and I know what it’s like to manage competing projects and clients in a busy schedule, spending long hours at my computer and work with and for fast-paced digital companies.

Mindfulness when practiced regularly contributes to our physical, emotional and psychological wellness.  See the “You will Learn” section below for more detail of the benefits of Mindfulness.

Growth in Remote Working

Increasingly, more and more teams are working remotely from each other.

We’re seeing a culture shift and it is likely many teams will continue to work remotely, at least some of the time. By 2025, as many as 70% may work from home a few days a month.  As of 2022, this shift towards remote working and hybrid working (driven party by employee demand and the need for companies to remain competitive in the recruitment market) is creating both opportunities and challenges for business leaders, managers and employees.

The Problem with Prolonged Working from Home

While remote working clearly has its benefits, understandably it can also make teams feel disconnected and cause people to suffer more stress or anxiety:

  • Blurred lines – the distinction between home life and work life can become blurred
  • Loss of connection – team members can lose their sense of connection, trust and support that they have when working in the same location together
  • Management challenges – managing remote teams can be challenging for managers and leaders
  • Overwhelm – the sudden change in how we live and work (especially due to the pandemic) can cause overwhelm which leads to stress and anxiety
  • No balance between work and home – it can feel hard to unplug from your digital devices or switch off at the end of the working day
  • ‘Always on’ culture – constantly being switched on can lead to difficulty in focusing, feeling burnt-out or lacking motivation.

Teleworkers operating from a home office lack the physical and psychological separation between these two domains that exist in a traditional office setting. On the one hand, family and social obligations can easily bleed over into work hours. But more often, studies show, teleworkers’ professional obligations tend to extend beyond the traditional workday, interrupting family time and preventing teleworkers from ever truly disconnecting.”

Timothy Golden, PhD, Industrial/Organisational (I/O) Psychologist

Mindful Working Course

For people who are struggling with remote working, managing remote or hybrid teams,  or simply want to improve their energy levels and effectiveness and learn ways of supporting their mental and physical health at work,  I have developed a Mindful Working coaching program.

As someone who has been working remotely for 11 years, both running my own business and working for others, I understand the challenges of working from home. This course is designed with you in mind and will support you to address some of the issues remote working is causing you and your team.

Working with me as your Mindfulness Coach, we will begin to establish the good habit of regularly practicing short mindfulness-based mental exercises before, during and after your working day.  Deliberately activating the parasympathetic nervous system to create greater calm, clarity and focus.

You will learn:

  • How to improve your focus and direct your attention to where it’s needed
  • Practical tools and techniques to help you take regular restorative “mind breaks” during the day
  • Simple mindful practices and exercises to support your mental and physical wellbeing over time
  • How to boost your resilience to stress and in turn benefit from improved levels of creative thinking
  • How to run Zoom (or Teams) meetings which allow for attention pauses to help with “Zoom fatigue”
  • How to recognise unhelpful automatic thinking or behaviour patterns that keep you stuck in a state of anxiety or stress
  • How to more skilfully self-regulate feelings and thoughts and “wind down” at the end of the day. Leading in many cases to more restful sleep.
Mindfulness at Work

At the end of the course:

You will be able to experience more choice in your thoughts, which will lead to greater creativity and flexibility of thinking.

You’ll also have some useful tools and techniques to help you remain mindful and able to deal with day-to-day stresses, both in your work and home life.

Course Format

The Mindful Working course can be delivered in a group or 1:1 format and is for companies or teams who are working remotely or in a hybrid way.  Or for individuals who are remote working e.g. Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads.

The course takes place live with me on Zoom, for 1 hour a week, for six weeks. You will:

  • Have a FREE Discovery Call with me before committing to the course
  • Have a 1 hour Introduction to Mindfulness session with me at the start of the course
  • Have 6 x weekly 1 hour live Mindfulness coaching sessions with me in Zoom
  • Learn a range of 5-, 10- and 15-minute practical, guided mindfulness techniques that you can practice at home in between sessions using MP3 audio recordings
  • Be given reflective questions to help you absorb what you are learning
  • Have weekly short reflective written exercises, which will help you deepen your practice
  • Have an optional 30 min “top-up session” with me 1 month after the course ends
  • Benefit from unlimited message support during the course

This personalised course is ideal for directors, leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, HR/recruitment teams and managers of hybrid and remote teams.

Course Costs

One-to-one courses – £675 per person (no VAT).  (Discounted fees are available for freelancers, teachers and health workers).

6 weekly 1 hour sessions + course materials + recorded meditations.+ support between sessions

Company Group courses – £3,600 (no VAT)

Company Groups need to be from the same company. 6 weekly 1 hour sessions + course materials + recorded meditations.

Group size: up to 20 people per group.

Company Group Taster Sessions available on application.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.