Are You Looking for a Mindfulness Supervisor?

As a qualified mindfulness teacher, you’ll know from your training that having a supervisor is a key part of your ongoing mindfulness practice, growth and development.

I am a qualified supervisor for the Mindfulness Academy Solterreno, having trained as an MBSR Supervisor with the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research (CMPR) at Bangor University.

Supervision is available with me in English, on a one-to-one basis online.

Mindfulness Training and Stress Reduction

Why Do You Need a Supervisor?

Ongoing supervision is a requirement if you are regularly practising and teaching mindfulness. It plays a vital role in ensuring you reflect, get valuable feedback and continuously improve on your teaching, as well as your own practice.

The Mindfulness Academy defines supervision as:

A regular space contracted between supervisor and supervisee that enables them to reflect together on the supervisee’s mindfulness practice and explore how it impacts and integrates with their work and life. This process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding and effectiveness of the supervisee’s application of mindfulness, both professionally and in their working life.


What Does Your Supervisor Help With?

As your supervisor, I’ll develop a collaborative relationship with you and give you the space to explore your personal practice and how it interweaves with your mindfulness teaching.

Predominantly, I will support you in these three areas:

As a guide and mentor to personal mindfulness practice

  • I’ll help you develop and deepen your practice
  • I’ll support you with how you integrate your practice with your teaching and your everyday life.

Support your teaching skills

  • Depending on your level of teaching experience, we’ll work on specific teaching skills you might need to develop.
  • I’ll bring the inquiry process into the exploration of your experience both professionally and personally.

Support your understanding and theory of mindfulness teaching

  • I’ll support your preparation and delivery of the 8-week MBSR course.
  • I’ll help you define and draw out how you integrate mindfulness into your professional teaching role.

Find out more detail about supervision on The Mindful Academy’s website.

What to expect:

Supervision sessions with me are online using Zoom and usually last 30 minutes or an hour each. You can have sessions at a frequency to suit you – for example weekly, monthly or ad hoc.

How much supervision do I need?

This is totally up to you but the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers good practice guidelines recommend at least three hours of supervision during the delivery of your first 8-week course. You may, of course, have more than that and you’ll probably find you’d like to continue supervision on a regular basis.

Supervision Costs

  • €30.00/£26.00 for initial contracting session
  • €65/£55.50 per hour – individual sessions
  • €32.50/£27.50 per half hour – individual sessions
  • €65/£55.50 per hour to review DVDs or mp3 recordings of teaching (in English)
  • €400/£385 8 week MBSR Course Supervision Package (8 sessions)
  • €270/£230 per person for Combined 1:1 & Group MBSR Skill Building Package for teaching your first MBSR 8-week Course.  (9 hours). A combination of 4 x 45 minute 1:1 supervision and 4 x 90 minute group supervision sessions.  Minimum 4 people/maximum 6 people.

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