Lowering stress, building resilience, restoring calm

Reduce stress, rediscover your inner resilience & unlock the transformative power of Mindfulness

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, unfocussed or otherwise struggling to cope with your everyday life and work?  Curious about how Mindfulness can help?

Or perhaps you have already tried Mindfulness meditation and would like help establishing or re-igniting your own regular practice?

Research shows that mindfulness can help you to become less stressed, happier and more focused. Working with an experienced Mindfulness teacher can help you to establish your own regular meditation practice and experience its life-enhancing benefits for yourself.

By forming new neural pathways in the brain, regular practice of Mindfulness can boost your enjoyment of life, create greater clarity and focus and strengthen emotional resilience when life throws us challenges.

I’ve experienced for myself the profound changes it can make in our lives and I’ve seen hundreds of my course participants flourish and find new joy in their lives.

What is Mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is the practice of being present with our internal thoughts, physical sensations and emotions.   It can be learned and strengthened through regular meditation practices.  It’s simple to do, has a transformational power and, once learned, is a highly beneficial skill for life.

Ways to Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness Classes and Courses

Classes and Courses

Learn how to reduce your stress with the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course.

Drop-in classes and mindfulness retreats are also available.

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Mindfulness Teacher Supervision

Teacher Supervision

Are you a mindfulness teacher looking for supervision?

I offer 1:1 and Group Supervision for MBSR Teachers.  Also CPD Masterclasses.

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Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindful Working

Learn how to use Mindfulness at Work to improve productivity and workplace wellbeing.

Courses for managers, leaders and teams including remote working teams.

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