A 2-day masterclass for  deepening inquiry and dialogue skills in MBSR teaching. Co-facilitated by Claire Griffin & Dr. Sheena Burke.

Conveying course themes through inquiry and dialogue is integral to skillful MBSR teaching. This masterclass program is offered to teachers of MBSR as support for deepening your learning and confidence in this core teaching competency. Open to MBSR Teachers who have completed a minimum Level 2 MBSR Teacher Training and have taught at least one 8-week course, ideally with Supervision.

Dates: 6th & 20th May 2023

Time: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm BST

 “The Heart and Craft of Inquiry Masterclass was such a rich and nourishing experience. The practical role-playing was a highlight for me as the scenarios reflected real participant stories and ones we tend to struggle with as teachers. To be able to practice those in a safe and supportive space and to learn from the experience of peers was invaluable. Sheena and Claire are both fantastic teachers and mentors and the course design had something for everyone – whether you prefer theory, practice or peer learning in a supportive community – this had it all! I would thoroughly recommend this course as part of any teacher’s continuous professional development. Thank you for helping me to better appreciate the beauty of inquiry!” Jacqui Edmiston, Certified MBSR Teacher.

The Masterclass takes place over 2 full days that are 2 weeks apart to allow for integration of learning and reflective inquiry in small peer groups on assigned reading in between Day 1 and Day 2.

On Day 1 we explore themes of Grounding in Presence – Listening Deeply – Creating Space.  You will receive reading material and reflective questions on key frameworks for inquiry in mindfulness teaching at the end of Day 1. You will be invited to meet with one or two other of your peers to practice reflective inquiry together on the material provided. We will build on this in Day 2 where we deepen our learning as we explore themes of Not knowing- Appreciating Risk – Relating Skillfully.

Over the course of the 2 days, we explore through experiential dialogue and practice:

  • Learning Intentions of inquiry
  • Deep Listening & Curious Conversations
  • Role-playing common inquiry scenarios in groups using dialogues taken from the trainers’ teaching and supervision experiences.
  • Frameworks/Models of inquiry
  • Horizontal & Vertical inquiry – when, why and how we use it
  • Our relationship with “not-knowing”?
  • Becoming comfortable with risk

The Next Masterclass is on 6th & 20th May 2023

9.30am-4.30pm UK Time

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Who is the Masterclass for?

Trained MBSR Teachers who have taught at least one 8-week MBSR Course.  A registration form is completed at the time of booking that will seek confirmation of this requirement..

Masterclass Format and Contents

This 2-day masterclass programme is offered to teachers of MBSR as support for deepening your learning and confidence in this core teaching competency. We will share the difficult, the delightful and the doubts. How do we meet with the uncomfortable, challenging, or unnerving in the inquiry process? What “unlearning” is needed to allow for meaningful learning to emerge for individuals and the group? Honouring the experiential, dynamic and emergent principles of MBSR teaching, we will explore in community the ‘heart and craft’ of inquiry. We will evolve our embodiment in facilitating group dialogue that is skilful and relational.

This masterclass draws on our own experiences as well as key sources and leaders in the wider MBSR research and practice field.

Your Teachers for the Masterclass

This masterclass is created and delivered by Sheena Burke (Discovering Mindfulness) & Claire Griffin (Mindfulness Web). Both are Certified Mindfulness Teachers and Supervisors (MBSR Specialism) and Senior Trainers with Mindful Academy Solterreno, international centre for MBSR Teacher Training.

Masterclass Fees

We are offering a sliding scale fee for this 2 day masterclass, with you choosing to pay a fee between €250 and €290.  (Approx. £208 – £240) The price is set as a standard fee of €290.

You are free to reduce your total fee by selecting the ‘redeem coupon’ option and choosing the amount to reduce your total fee.  Please contact me via the “Book a Masterclass” button below for the link to the booking form and for discount codes.

Dates & Times:

Saturday 6th & 20th May 9.30 am to 4.30 pm BST


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