Sue Noble

Executive coach and trainer of coaching and mentoring skills

Sue’s journey started when in 2007 when she resigned from her corporate role within the field of learning and development, management and leadership training and as an Internal Coach for the organisation she worked for.

As an independent consultant Sue was able to focus on her passion and interest in all things coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision, which she delivered alongside her management and leadership training courses and senior leadership executive coaching.

Noble Learning Ltd, was established in 2011. Sue continues to deliver successful courses, including qualification courses, focused at managers and leaders to help them use the principles of coaching and mentoring within their every day work.


Managers and leaders are provided with the practical techniques to help them manage challenging situations, change and uncertainty and to develop a conscious awareness of emotional intelligence at work.

Working with Sue you will achieve:

  • Confident, capable and credible managers who coach their teams
  • Emotionally intelligent leaders as role models
  • Improved and mature working relationships
  • A motivated and engaged workforce
  • Teams that perform and communicate well together
  • Refreshing and positive outcomes
  • Value-added leadership training and coaching interventions

In her role of Coach Supervisor, Sue supports both experienced and newly qualified coaches in how to reflect on their own coaching practice and be the best coach for their clients by understanding their own triggers and behaviours when working with their clients.

As Executive coach, Sue supports senior leaders in how to manage challenging situations, to work towards solutions and to unlock inner limiting beliefs and imposterism, to raise awareness of who they are and how they lead their teams.

In September 2022, her co-authored book Coaching People through Organizational Change was published by Kogan Page and was shortlisted for the Business Book of the Year Award 2023.

Sue’s expertise in coaching people through organisational change, coupled with Claire’s experience in training Mindfulness, provides the perfect integrated support for leaders, managers and teams experiencing change in the workplace. Reducing anxiety and stress levels and optimising individual and business performance.